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Ignition Secrets by Aaron Murakami - Plasma IgnitionIgnition Secrets - This plasma ignition method BURNS WATER ON CONTACT and much more! It uses the SAME amount of power as a typical CDI ignition but is so much brighter and more powerful that it is beyond words. It isn't even a spark or an enhanced spark - it is in a category all by itself - it is a bright white ball of wonder!

Get the ONLY book and video package that actually reveals the secrets of the plasma ignition.

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Learn about THE premier Plasma Ignition systems that are commercially available. Improve performance with this revolutionary concept!

Visit Homepage: Plasma Ignition

by Aaron Murakami

A Path Beyond Radionics - PDF showing that PATHS is something entirely different from radionics.

RDT Generation II - PDF about the new RDT Generation II technology.

Relaxation Unlocks Higher Perception - PDF about a powerful but simple method to increase the natural intuitive abilities.

Collection of Synchronicity
& Related Articles

$806 Package Giveaway!


The Power of Collective Intention - PDF explaining the power of a quantum technology applied towards the ability of groups to influence the matrix.

What's so Quantum About PATHS? - PDF about the quantum nature of PATHS - Mind Energetics.

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All you have to do is sign up and place a link on your website, email it out, post it in forums, etc... Whenever anyone clicks on your link and makes a purchase, you get paid the following commissions:

  • Save On Home Energy - 60% Commission for each referral. Help others cut their home power bills in half!

  • The Quantum Key - 60% Commission for each referral. Paradigm shattering E-book about energy systems.

  • Vision - 20% Commission from the leading online nutrition affiliate program.

Other Online Business Opportunities

  • Mind Energetics - 5 Ways to Get Paid. Leading self-help technology - 100% web based.
    Affiliate Program - Mind Energetics Youtube video

  • Travel - Travel without touching a single penny of your primary income. No annual or monthly fees and a free business opportunity is included at no extra cost.

Fuqua Homes - Pioneers in factory built homes custom designed to your exact site. Save money with these high energy efficient Fuqua Homes. Learn the truth about these homes now.

Spokane Real Estate - Investors Network. Learn about the hottest contracts for sale and unlisted properties.

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Ceramic Paint Additive
- NASA based technology that keeps heat out in the summer and keeps the heat in during the winter. Inexpensive and easy to use.




Eric Dollard - The only man alive to have replicated Tesla's Wireless Electricity Technology.

Free Energy - #1 alternative energy webiste.

Renewable Energy - Discussion forum on Alternative Energy & Environmental Solutions.

Save on Home Energy - Lower Your Carbon Footprint Now, and Save up to 50% on Your Home Energy Bills.

Spokane Energy - Spokane's Renewable Energy Directory & Resources for Sustainable Living.


E3Live - Aphanizomenon flos aquae, Kalamath Lake Blue Green Algae
Aphanizomenon flos-aquae
AFA blue green algae

The most absorbable &
concentrated nutrient available


Chinese Energetic Medicine - Talk with Grace Haeusler, the Grand Champion of her Karate division at the Wide World of Sports!

Core Inergetix - Just for Practitioners

Energetic Forum - The up and coming "myspace" of quantum physics, free energy technologies, consciousness studies and other related topics. Go get your free profile. Includes your own person blog, discussion forum and more.

Energetic Science Ministries - Our mission is to develop a unified spiritual and scientific model that seamlessly uncovers the connections between consciousness, the infinite quantum potential, and the large-scale universe.

EPFX - QXCI - SCIO Quantum Biofeedback Machine - JUST FOR PRACTITIONERS

LJ100, Tongkat Ali, Eurycoma Longifolia, Longjack herb
| Tongkat Ali , #1 Testosterone Booster

Get it from the source: Herbal Powers

Matrix Energetics - #1 Matrix Energetics Forum


Thermotherapy - Most effective non-surgical hemorrhoid treatment - The inventor lives here in Spokane.

Theta Healing - #1 Theta Healing discussion

VitalEnergy.us - high tech pain relief devices - NASA and the military uses this type of technology.

Zing - Put some Zing into your life with Zing - the ultimate Energy pill.

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Click Spokane - Spokane simple portal

Subconscious Mind - Unleash the power of the subconscious mind.

Grow Business - Increase Business Productivity & Creativity in 3 minutes a week.

The Power of the Subconscious Mind - Here's how to put millions of affirmations to your subconscious mind automatically.

E-Books Galore - Lots of free e-books

RxP Generation II
Product Info for Gas Saver tested and documented
by the D.O.T., Military and other testing labs.

Spokane Fuel - Spokane Fuel Saver

EPFX Forum - Introduction Page

EPFX Forum - Definitive Resource

Law of Attraction - The Secret of Law of Attraction

RxP RxP Gas Kicker - Emission reducer

Lessons in Advanced Perception - A little review and comparison of Lessons in Advanced Perception and A Course in Mind Power.

TVI Express - Travel Ventures International

TVI Express - Travel Ventures International

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YHS Alumni

A Course in Mind Power


See why the "nay-sayers" are losing their followers. Unlock your disbelief with...

The Quantum Key cover

The Quantum Key
by Aaron Murakami

Lower Your Carbon
Footprint Now, and
Save up to 50% on
Your Home Energy Bills

Save on Home Energy by Peter Lindemann cover

Save on
Home Energy

by Peter Lindemann

The Free Collective
Intention Project!

Project 1 World





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