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Thursday, 03 April 2003


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Huge Daily Discounts!

About 90% of our bottled supplements are ALREADY 10% below suggested retail price for everybody every day of the week.

Every Thursday, there is a 10% discount ON TOP OF the already discounted bottled supplements for everyone.

The following may receive the 10% additional discount every day of the week:

  • Seniors 65+
  • Military & Dependents
  • AHANA members
  • MRS members
  • PEACH members
  • GVA members

These discounts are available to in-store customers only.

There are other discounts available for Online shoppers.

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History & Future of Top o' the Line

Pearl Schmitt, a local legend in the natural health care world started Top o' the Line Total Health Shoppe back in 1981 in the Historical Garland Village in Spokane, Washington.

Pearl had already been a registered nurse for over 35 years when she decided to go into business for herself.

Starting Top o' the Line was really just a hobby for Pearl and she just wanted to help people out. For almost the first 20 years, there weren't even any shelves. Everything was still in the shipping boxes sitting on tables. The loyal customers would just come regularly and tell Pearl what they wanted and she would go grab the products for them and bring them to her desk. Pearl would then write out a hand written receipt since she didn't even have a cash register.

Top o' the Line has come a long way since then. In early 2001, Pearl had sold the business to a friend of hers so she could retire and enjoy life. This owner had done lots of work on the store and had the management install shelves, info racks and other items to really give the store some pizzazz.

In October 2002, Paula & Aaron Murakami, a mother and son team, purchased this mom & pop store from the new owner since the new owner decided to stay in the eye care business. Paula & Aaron had wanted to open their own store from scratch but Top o' the Line came around at the exact right moment to fulfill some of their dreams.

Still to this day, you can catch Pearl 2 or 3 times a week coming to Top o' the Line to get some health food and her supplements.

Future plans for Top o' the Line:

When Paula & Aaron purchased the store, there were quite a few products packed on the shelves.

As many of the products sell down, they will not be reordered. Of course, many of the best sellers will be and some new and upcoming products will be added.

Instead of having everything for everyone, Paula & Aaron wants to be true to the name of Top o' the Line. Therefore, they really plan to have Top o' the Line quality products of each type available. Instead of 30 types of calcium supplements (probably the most in town), they will narrow it down to about 7. That will apply to more of the supplements as well as body care, organic foods, etc...

With the addition of this website, local residents can place orders online or make requests and the orders can be put together and bagged up so the customers can save time when they come in to pay.

Also, online sales will be available worldwide (mostly US & Canada) thanks to the world wide web.

Stay posted for more up and coming plans from Top o' the Line Total Health Shoppe.

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Resume's of Owners

Aaron C. Murakami

Paula Murakami - soon!


Community Involvement

Aaron & Paula Murakami wanted more than to just be owners of a local health food store, they wanted to be able to give back to the community.


Aaron became the president of the Garland Village Business Association so they could become involved as possible in the local area and to help get things moving.


The biggest success was on August 16th, there was the biggest festival ever for the Garland Village.


Teaming up with other local business owners, they helped organize the Garland Village Arts & Music Festival. 3000-5000 Spokane residents showed up for music, food, games, art exhibits, and more. It was so successful that all 3 restraunts on the block ran out of food. Some had the busiest day in history and this district is well over 50 years old.


The most important thing is that hundreds of dollars was raised for the local Spokane Guild School, which is for children with neuro-muscular problems.


It was a win-win-win situation all the way around for everyone.


Next year, there will be 2 festivals and lots of sidewalk sales for the entire Garland Village.




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